The 1943 Beechcraft 18 SNB-5 (SoNoran Beauty) will be coming to Tribute to Aviation.  A rare Twin Beechcraft 18 is in its original military configuration. It was built at the Beechcraft Aircraft factotry as an SNB-2 and served on active duty with the U.S. Navy from July 1943 until 1965 and is a three year war veteran.  It was upgraded to the SNB-5 configuration in the early 50’s and used state side as a navigation trainer or transport carrier.  The MHW also has the original Navy log books.  You will have the opportunity if you wish to fly in this unique aircraft during the show.

Cost is $99 VIP seat, Co Pilot Seat $150 and if you wish to rent out all 5 seats the cost will be $500.