Here is a *tentative* arrival schedule for today 9/17/21. There are many constantly changing variables that go into each aircraft’s arrival time, and so these times are just best estimates. Be sure to keep your eyes to the skies today, especially this afternoon! #tributetoaviation #arrivalday #MTJ

10:45am Doss Aviation
11:30am KC-135
12:00pm P-8
12:35pm KC-135
12:45pm UH 72 Lakota
12:45pm UH 60 Blackhawk
1:00pm T-45 (3)
1:30pm P-8
1:45pm E-2C
1:45pm C-130
2:00pm E-6B Mercury
2:00pm Blackhawk
2:00pm SNB
3:00pm Osprey
3:00pm T-6
4:00pm CO State Fire Pilatus
4:30pm T-44 (2)
4:30pm F-18
5:00pm MH60s (2)
5:30pm TB-30
9:15pm C-130